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Microchipping and registration

All dogs and cats must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age or at the point of sale (which ever occurs first). A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is injected under your pet’s skin. It can be done during a normal consultation. The microchip is embedded with a code unique to your pet and is the most effective form of permanent identification. If your pet has been registered in a different state and you have recently moved to the ACT, their microchip number will need to be transferred to the Central Animals Register. We can assist you with this. 

If a pet is ever lost and is handed in at a veterinary clinic or animal shelter a microchip scanner is passed over the animal to reveal the unique code. The vet or animal shelter can then refer to the database to identify the name, address and phone number of the owner, so they can be reunited.

If your pet is not microchipped please give us a call to make an appointment to have one inserted.  If you find a lost pet please call us to arrange a scan; we can reunite microchipped pets with their worried owners.