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Soft Tissue

Soft tissue surgery encompasses any surgery that is not related to bones. It includes procedures such as desexing, exploratory laporotomies, caesareans, lump removals, biopsies, wound stitch-ups, removal of intestinal foreign bodies - the list is endless! Canberra Mobile Vets may perform minor stitch-ups in the field, but they are are most likely to refer your pet to a veterinary hospital for surgeries where they can be monitored under anaesthetic, intubated to secure their airways and given intravenous fluids. This makes for a much more controlled, sterile and less risky procedure. Dr Charles Webb is an experienced soft tissue surgeon.

A very common soft tissue surgery is the removal of lumps. Some lumps may require a biopsy prior to removal to help understand whether they are cancerous or not. This information assists us in planning the surgery accordingly to give your pet the best possible outcome. Once they have been removed we recommend sending them to our external laboratory for analysis.

Although most lumps are benign (not harmful), a minority are more serious (malignant). In the case of malignant (cancerous) tumours, early removal and an accurate diagnosis is extremely important to maximise the chances of a good outcome.

Desexing is by far the most common soft tissue surgery performed. It reduces unwanted pregnancies, hormonal behaviours such as aggression or wandering, and reproductive cancers of the testes, ovaries, uterus and mammary glands.

If your pet needs desexing or you find a lump on your pet, please make an appointment to discuss any surgery your pet may require.